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What will older adults be listening for in Tuesday's debate? Join this pre-debate panel to hear what will make the experts ears perk up.

Make a plan to get a #FluShot this week. Seniors and anyone who works around older adults or who spend time with older loved ones should take steps to prevent getting and spreading the flu. #FightFlu #GetVaccinated

Any daily habit that gets you moving is considered physical activity. Advocates know this, but it’s not very clear to the public. We can change the narrative by expanding the way we talk about physical activity.

We are honored to receive this award from @n4aACTION for our innovative work to raise awareness of the challenges faced by family caregivers and the impact of caregiving on the business community and local workforce. Learn more about this work:

Attention WRAAA IS HIRING NOW. Check out our #EMPLOYMENT section under About Us at: We're looking for an Administrative Assistant for our Aging and Disability Resource Center. Apply today or tell a friend. We offer a competitive salary and generous PTO.

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