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Hey @WRAAonAging @o4aadvocacy, @BPC_Bipartisan Study finds Home-delivered meals could save money for #Medicare

We're 1 hour away from the #DemDebate. What are you listening for? We're listening to hear the candidates' plans for a family centered agenda that focuses on those of us who need care and those of us who provide care! Yea, that's all of us. #caringmajority #universalfamilycare

Congrats! The @n4aACTION Aging Innovations and Achievement Awards are able to showcase the great work of #AreaAgenciesonAging thanks to support from @WellCare_Health!

Building upon its reputation as being locally known & nationally recognized @toledoaging received its 13th national Aging Innovations & Achievement Award for its partnership with the Lucas County Sheriff's Office @bgsu & the Wood Co. Committee On Aging to reduce opioid addiction.

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