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@ElderCareTeam A2: … and other elder abuse prevention activities, workforce training for low-income older workers, and whatever else that community needs. #TogetherWeCare #OAM19

@ElderCareTeam A2: … meals, legal services, case management, falls prevention, home modification, information and referral, caregiver respite and counseling, healthy aging and social engagement programs, long-term care ombudsmen… #OAM19 #TogetherWeCare

@ElderCareTeam A2: The #OlderAmericansAct provides a wide range of supportive services to help people age at home and in the community. Responding to older adults needs, #OAA funds transportation, in-home assistance…

When you think about the older adults in your life and in your communities, what do they need? Affordable health care, safe housing, healthy food, connection... Justice. This #OAM19 Watch the video and learn more

A4: The direct care and health care workforces are essential to supporting #healthyaging. As America’s aging population booms, we must have well-trained and supported workforces that understand the #aging process and population. #OAM19 #TogetherWeCare

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