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"So over the next decade alone, we can expect there to be 7.4 million job openings and the direct care workforce across the country. And that is a tall order for the field." ~ PHI's Stephen Campbell @SCampbellNY

Join Ohio experts, including members of the Elder Abuse Commission, in a virtual event and learn ways to empower and protect older Ohioans. Register here: The May 17th event is free.

While in-home care may not be the answer for everyone, it should be accessible to those who choose to use it. We need a system that prioritizes providing effective and efficient care in our homes and communities. #homecare #HCBS @repbobcupp @votejoncross @MattHuffmanOH

In 2020, 67% of older Ohioans elected to use home and community-based services. Ensuring access to these vital services will empower all Ohioans to maintain independence as we age at home with our families. #BetteratHome #HCBS

Susie is a caregiver from Texas — and this week, President Biden gave her a call to discuss how the American Jobs Plan will support caregivers like her. Take a look:

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