The Rock Male Enhancement ies in the speech of 20th anniversary of Peking University and concluded that it was The Rock Male Enhancement easy to enter the university gradually and gradually At the beginning of Gai Hsing, The Rock Male Enhancement short sightedness, emphasis on practicality and negligence, Probably so. Tsai unexpected is that long ago passed the beginning of Xing learning of Chinese universities, The Rock Male Enhancement the drawbacks remain as old. But to be fair, this is a matter of social conduct as a whole. We can not blame the university principals. The reason why humanities are generally not optimistic, in addition to this practical and light-minded national conditions, as well as the The Rock Male Enhancement ambiguity of its The Rock Male Enhancement own results. You say this scholar is great. This book is amazing. Well, take the evidence. May I ask which humanist, get a nail evidence When I was a doctoral student, I had a time with a chemist who was studying chemistry. When I graduated, the direct economic output value The Rock Male Enhancement created by his doctoral dissertation was 50 million. I did not have a big son. In this evaluation system, you let the school how to value humanities Each backfill report the results, to see the output valu

e of scientific research into the assessment, humanities scholars can not scalp numb, even if the strong. The principal is very open, to remind The Rock Male Enhancement everyone do not mind, this column is designed for science and engineering, humanities academic special, you can not fill. At university, the original preeminent masters The Rock Male Enhancement of the humanities, bent on pursuing the universal principle, evermax male enhancement selling store in philippine have now become the weaker groups that need special care and are sighing sadly. In this situation, there The Rock Male Enhancement seems to be a big turning point in this situation of unremittingly dealing with human The Rock Male Enhancement The Rock Male Enhancement and cultural issues. Many universities male enhancement pills side effect erection lasting longer than began to invest money, compete for talent, for a time what is the most effective male enhancement product crowded. But you look carefully, the rda for male enhancement panex ginseng reason why these universities suddenly force, most have a clear goal or focus on science, or fight doctoral points. If liberal arts really begin to appraise academicians, the degree to which the university attaches great importance to humanity will surely be further enhanced. Can change attitude, ideas still, The Rock Male Enhancement still hope that the results titan gel male enhancement of humanities scholars can be perfect, that is, to see and touch. In a scien

The Rock Male Enhancement

ce The Rock Male Enhancement of superstitious science, with a preference for precision, all achievements must be quantified. The teaching, scientific research, spirit, tradition, style of study, reputation, etc., all become the number of words, and accurate to two or three decimal places, is said to be easy to manage, make the evaluation of objective basis. In addition, Ye Hao let the leadership at a glance, who knows who is The Rock Male Enhancement good and who is bad, who who work lazy. Now the university presidents, my heart has this account, research funding, key disciplines, the The Rock Male Enhancement number of academicians, SCI index, these are excellent information. As for humanities, a maximum of respected masters of Chinese learning is put forward. So emphasize quantification, firmly believe that management The Rock Male Enhancement efficiency, making The Rock Male Enhancement the universitys work objectives, a clear departure from the principle of originality, while the one-sided pursuit of quantity and variety. Its objective effect, it is likely to give birth to a large number of mediocre. This is the most criticized The Rock Male Enhancement place for quantitative management. Everyone knows that essays and essays are not the same,

that they can not be set high or low in quantity, that academic problems can not be solved by democratic voting. The principal also has its own difficulties the reason the number of heroes, there is The Rock Male Enhancement no solution, The Rock Male Enhancement who pills to make penis larger let you live in an era of lack of authority. Since no one who obey, no one dared to take the The Rock Male Enhancement board, who do not want to The Rock Male Enhancement take responsibility, then the fate of the computer to the computer. The so-called equality in rank male enhancement pills front of the numbers is actually an evasion of the universitys loss of evaluation criteria. Because of their superficial equality, they cover up the real inequality. Too believe the numbers is not staminon male enhancement and coronary artery disease only a matter of technical means, but more important is the attitude and position. Or during the Peking University Centennial Celebration, I talked about the need to distinguish between what is the main body of a university, a teachers student diamond male enhancement pill 2000 or an The Rock Male Enhancement executive This question was identified as advocating professor The Rock Male Enhancement bioactive compound for male enhancement of school, suspected of snatching the leadership. Here do not The Rock Male Enhancement want to distinguish between the pros and cons of Peking University, Tsinghua University and Southwest Associ

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