Ten Day Hard Pills as Peking University. In the Ten Day Hard Pills end, they can only rely on attracting overseas scholars Ten Day Hard Pills to fill up vacant new programs. . The lack of an effective academic evaluation mechanism Ten Day Hard Pills is another difficult problem to overcome. Competitive screening incentives can work, provided that there is a low-cost host mechanism. This limits the role that purely market competition can play in university education Ten Day Hard Pills Ten Day Hard Pills as a whole. Former president of Harvard University, Boke once pointed out that the objective and fair evaluation of the difficulty of higher education is that competition in this area can not produce optimal results. The United States, China is even more so. Professor Zhang pointed out that one of the major problems of the old system is that the recruitment and promotion of faculty members are mainly based on non-academic standards, but non-academic standards such as human nature, relationship, seniority and past application frequency. Therefore, we need to introduce external markets to price talented people When we read an academic dissertation in a maga

zine, we immediately knew who the author was and we generally did not care which university the author was working in. This decided that in an open market, scholars could have a Ten Day Hard Pills unified tri steel male enhancement pills Market price. But in fact, although we can easily know who the author of an article is, we can male enhancement libido vitamins that produce more sperm not equally easily judge how well the article is. In todays increasingly sophisticated academic division of labor, it is difficult for scholars of different branches to clearly understand the value of each others work even though they belong to the same large subject, not to mention evermax pill the divergence Ten Day Hard Pills of academic concepts. However, the competition and mobility Ten Day Hard Pills mechanism in the academic community in Ten Day Hard Pills the United States can work well because the United States has established a recognized academic evaluation mechanism, not by irrelevant factors such Ten Day Hard Pills as whether the sx herbal supplement male enhancement buyer can be found in the market or whether the scholars have widespread popularity. At present, Ten Day Hard Pills academic circles in China are far from establishing an objective and independent academic evaluation mechanism. Academ

Ten Day Hard Pills

ic logic often does not have powerful economic logic and political logic. Not only has this not been improved, but the program itself is the result of economic Ten Day Hard Pills logic and political logic replacing academic logic. Such a personnel system merely raises the price or risk of bargaining and broadens the scope of quotations Did not change the basis for the existence of bargaining. There is reason to foresee that under the new system, academic lobbying activities in recruitment and promotion will be further extended from school to school, from China to the world, further poisoning the Ten Day Hard Pills academic atmosphere and eliminating teachers who are bent on learning and do not have the ability to work . On the surface, the new system advocates the principle of openness and believes that competition can activate the personnel system. In reality, however, the new Ten Day Hard Pills system establishes their relative standard by competing for competition among elite Ten Day Hard Pills faculty members in different institutions of higher learning, for a good professor will Ten Day Hard Pills naturally have to pay another uni

versity to pay for it. Ten Day Hard Pills However, the core of the newly designed promotion and mobility system at Peking University is targeted at under-qualified associate professors and lecturers and is not a tenured professor. But other universities are competing to employ more famous professors, not lecturers or associate professors. To Ten Day Hard Pills put it simply, confusing the competition Ten Day Hard Pills of Professor with a qualified professor can male enhancement pills xanogen not provide an effective academic evaluation mechanism to decide Ten Day Hard Pills who can be promoted to teaching, which is precisely the most crucial part of a tenured faculty promotion Ten Day Hard Pills system The link. One Ten Day Hard Pills Ten Day Hard Pills Ten Day Hard Pills of the key elements of Peking Universitys reform package is that the mere appointment system and graduated wolf male enhancement pills flow male enhancement pills that work instantly system do not constitute a lifelong faculty system, but rather combine with the end-of-phase male enhancement red plus elimination system of the subject to form the core of this system. However, whether American universities adopt the terminal elimination system widely Harvard having sex with male enhancement University in the engineering area has long been located in the top ten outside the United St

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