No2 Male Enhancement f Peking Universitys own young teachers and Ph.D. students, it will probably give up blindly thinking that the U.S. doctor must be better than his doctor. Once this mentality has been abandoned, there is a reason to completely abandon the existing reform program aimed at No2 Male Enhancement blood transfusion. It can be said that the reform of Peking University is the most urgent No2 Male Enhancement is to reform the thinking and No2 Male Enhancement mind of the principal People have reason to ask Peking Universitys principals to establish the concept of Chinese universities. That is to make it clear that Chinese universities do not No2 Male Enhancement want to endlessly copy the inbreeding of the United States. Instead, they should end their study in China as soon as possible and cultivate them with their own PhD mainly to study China No2 Male Enhancement and the West. Therefore, Peking University should have three principles in its appointment system in the future first, it mainly targets domestic doctors secondly, No2 Male Enhancement when hiring a doctoral candidate in the United States, it mainly recruits those who specialize in western studies because China needs to study the West on a large No2 Male Enhancement scale

Third, in general, those who are studying in China will not No2 Male Enhancement be hired unless they have already proved their leading scholar in the field of Chinese studies No2 Male Enhancement in the West. If these three principles are followed, I believe there will be a great improvement promo code coupon amazon male enhancement in the humanities and social sciences fck power male enhancement of Peking No2 Male Enhancement No2 Male Enhancement University ten years from now. On the other hand, No2 Male Enhancement if Peking Universitys current reform program is to be No2 Male Enhancement conducted, Peking Universitys humanities and social sciences will inevitably become a part of the Chinese Studies in Western academia Ministry, become a vassal of others. Peking University Raise your arrogant head, straighten your noble chest, do not humble self-concise to go with the male enhancement pills teddy cap next three people, but to self-esteem for the concept of Chinese University take your own way Gan Yang Q In your article entitled Chinese primal male enhancement University Idea and Peking University Reform, you proposed that No2 Male Enhancement the mission of Chinese universities is to uphold and strengthen the Chinese peoples independence in ideology, academia, culture and education, rather than becoming male enhancement lotion a vassal of the Western universities ,

No2 Male Enhancement

And believes that the overall goal of the reform of Chinese universities is to end the study abroad movement in China as soon as possible and form the main body of Chinas higher education with the talents that Chinese universities train themselves. These arguments have caused quite a No2 Male Enhancement No2 Male Enhancement lot of controversy. Some critics think that Chinese people simply do not have the qualifications to No2 Male Enhancement talk about this No2 Male Enhancement Chinese university idea. What do you think about such No2 Male Enhancement criticism A Of course, this criticism is not surprising. The No2 Male Enhancement so-called bird of prey is also known as ambition. Since the study abroad movement in the late Qing Dynasty, people studying abroad in China have always been divided into two groups one is cultural inferiority, the other is cultural self-improvement. Cultural inferiority naturally think Chinese University concept incredible, but self-culture is bound to be determined by this concept. In fact, the concept of Chinese universities has been at least 90 years old. Its starting point can be traced back to the non-study articles written by Hu Shi during his study abroad published i

n the Annual male enhancement pills male extra Report of American Students in 1914 and October No2 Male Enhancement 1915, Jiayin monthly, No2 Male Enhancement and recommended male enhancement Hu Shis expression is far more intense than me. Non-study articles, said at the beginning I want to tell my father old uncle uncle herbal male enhancement pills light on blood pressure kundey said scholars, my shame Scholars, the transition of the boat rather than knocking on the brick scholars, when the injury wasted more than half of the time safest male enhancement for men sold over the counter scholars, emergency plan rather than the distant map also. Hu Shih then No2 Male Enhancement explained his four points point by point. First, For thousands of years in the ancient country, the leader of East Asian civilization, once No2 Male Enhancement upon a time, it was a change in the north enhance your penis to learn, saying that disciples, the great shame of the world, what is too careless I therefore say Chinese scholars abroad Shame also. No2 Male Enhancement Second, the purpose of the Chinese people studying abroad was to make use of the others strengths to make up for the deficiencies I have made and to make No2 Male Enhancement the ancient civilizations of our country flourish and serve the new civilization of the No2 Male Enhancement new No2 Male Enhancement generation for the sake of

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