Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe that professors and their organizations are independent from political interference. That is, heresy and unconventional behavior deserve special protection Donald Kennedy, Academic Freedom, translated by Yan Fengqiao, Xinhua Press , 2002. Even among university professors, there are many self-defending negative freedom scholars who are not actively involved in social politics. Under the guidance of this concept, Mei Yiqi big university in mind is the master of the great. Zhu Kezhen big in Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe the minds of universities is to seek research as Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe large. The so-called university education preaching, teaching, doubts, creation, Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe academic functions are built on Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe this master and research above. Two ideals of college education After the Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe rise of modern universities in Europe, Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe there are always two idealities in college education. Studying in Columbia University in the United States and successively teaching at Southeast University, Zheng Xiaochang of Zhejiang University summarizes two ideal modes of education in modern European universities in his article The Two Ideal of University Education The purpose of education Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe in British universities is to develop Gentlemen Gentlemen, while German universities

aim to cultivate Scholar. The former is represented by the University of Oxford and the latter by the University of Berlin. The United States, on the other hand, is penus enlargement pills compatible with the university ideal of both Britain vigrx pills review and Germany. When Humboldt founded Berlin University, it was based the top 10 male enhancement pills on two principles the red pill for male enhancement of semen increasing pills new humanism freedom of learning and teaching, unity of teaching and academic research quoted from Han Shui, Who Wants a World-Class University , Reading, 2002 No. 3. Of course, this is only a relative view, because new Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe humanist scholars represented by Humboldt in Germany also have their own views on research scholars as Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe scientific Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe researchers and their work. They emphasized that truly educated people should continue to broaden their fields and Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe seek new knowledge on the basis of a wide range of humanities and learning. They should not develop narrow-minded expertise in certain disciplines. Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe McClellan pointed out in his book Nation, Society and University in Germany 1700-1914 Science and its further discoveries are the means of academics, not the goals, to improve the quality of the individual in all aspects and to develop a comprehensive, Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe agile, Clear and original thinking habit is

Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe

the goal. Quoted Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe from Wei Dingxi Peking Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe University and Chinese political culture, Jin Anping, Zhang Yi translation, Peking University Press, 1998 returned overseas students in charge of college education And the actual influence in the cultural circle, the general education and cultural circles of modern Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe China thus have generalists and experts, gentlemen and scholars, humanism and scientism, and humanism and experimentalism. Debate. From 1922 to 1923, he discussed the purpose Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe and ideal of running a school at Southeast University and formed sharp opposition to general education Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe and expert education. The controversy of science and metaphysics can be considered as a category if it is merely an educational one. The differences between the Xueheng School and Hu Shih New Youth School in the literary revolution and the new cultural movement are in fact the controversy between humanism and experimentalism. Zheng Xiaocang that Gentlemen gentleman is equivalent to Chinas gentleman, Scholar scholar is Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe equivalent to Chinas disabilities. And Zhang Qiyun in the Babbitt - contemporary one teacher, said the ideal of humanism is the gentlemans style, humanism is the manifestation of the spirit of

the gentleman. Humanism is actually a kind of moral Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe idealism, but also a kind of reviews of size max male enhancement formula cultural elitism. In Babbitts Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe vision, humanists refer to a handful of good social elites. Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe Humanistic love of human beings funny male enhancement video is sympathy and choice. It is the golden mean and harmony of reason to overcome feelings. It is the harmony between morality, tradition and personnel in the balance between discipline and discipline. It is based on the gentlemans conscience and self-discipline, depending on the basic good deeds. Just as Christians rely on faith and rely Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe on an inner conversion. Ethical hardship is the hallmark of morality a process of behavior is not Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe a good process if it is not the result of a profound moral struggle Elie Kadouri Nationalism, Ming-Ming Zhang, Central Compilation Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe and Translation Press, 2002 . The result of self-discipline is that their souls will always be in trouble. strong horse male enhancement The basic starting point and inner spirit of scholar, expert and even scientism and experimentalism are a kind male sex enhancement pills nz of behaviorist path. That tongkat ali male enhancement depends on the test of practice and the actual effect, requires a certain standard and procedure, and is in line with mathematical logic. The education ideal Best Male Enhancement Yohimbe of Generalists, Gentlemen a

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