Best Male Enhancement Surgery Let me quote directly the original words of Professor Ding Bangxin, for almost every sentence of these words I approve of from my heart, and I can not say better than Mr. Ding. The first is the issue of Best Male Enhancement Surgery what academic journals should be published by Chinese scholars. Ding said How to judge the quality of the journal The best academic journals recognized by all are the best Best Male Enhancement Surgery journals, most of which are published in the United Best Male Enhancement Surgery States. There are two issues involved First, some do not have knowledge Regional, science and engineering is generally the case, easy to have a recognized standard.Humanities and social studies are very regional, the United States published in journals rarely pure Chinese research, Tang poetry is Chinas treasures, the United States how many top-notch study Best Male Enhancement Surgery on the Tang poetry Foreign Sinologists Can not Study All Best Male Enhancement Surgery of the Tang Poems, such as Du Fu, Li Bai, Because the Commentary of Best Male Enhancement Surgery the Past and the Present Are Difficult to Handle What Does It Take for Best Male Enhancement Surgery the Chinese to Publish Where Are the First American Sinology Journals in the United States Is a very big issue, research can be appropriate for many developing countries, but

the mainstream economics journals are concerned about the theory of the Chinese economy will not have much market paper, and why foreign journals should power male enhancement penis enlargement extender vacuum stretcher hanger provide much space for the study of Chinas papers This is in the interest of their Best Male Enhancement Surgery country Because there is what male enhancement pills uses a man named bob only a very small Best Male Enhancement Surgery number of Best Male Enhancement Surgery Anglo-American Sinology journals, our scholars in English Write papers trying to squeeze into a second stream of journals that lack our own journals Manuscripts, more serious is the important research of time no one is willing to Best Male Enhancement Surgery do it, completely distorted due to academic development. Finally, Professor Ding harshly criticized the University Grants Committee, which dominates the male enhancement directions sheet zen 1200 male enhancement financial fates of maxx male enhancement label ingredients yohimbr Hong Kongs universities, for failing to believe that academic independence, freedom and development of Hong Kong universities are always inviting foreign experts to assess the Best Male Enhancement Surgery standards of Hong Kong scholars. Best Male Enhancement Surgery For example, in Research Results Evaluation, the University Grants Committee first invited a few foreign experts to explain how to evaluate because the Best Male Enhancement Surgery principal person may think that the Best Male Enhancement Surgery monk from afar will read the scriptures. This is also the attitude

Best Male Enhancement Surgery

of the average person Best Male Enhancement Surgery in Hong Kong. But do not understand the American version of the study and Hong Kongs version is very different. In addition, the various types of assessment activities are overwhelming Each time we are disturbed Best Male Enhancement Surgery and mired for many days, the United States and Taiwan are neither so frequent nor so trivial Now Best Male Enhancement Surgery that the schools use the manpower and material resources in these assessment work, Money is hard to count. myTherefore, it is not too hard to cite the original words of Professor Ding Bangxin because the shortcomings of these higher education in Hong Kong as pointed out by Ding are just the objective pursued by some Chinese universities for reform. In other words, Hong Kong, for historical reasons, has plunged into Best Male Enhancement Surgery Best Male Enhancement Surgery a dependent vassal state of higher education. Many universities in China seem envious. They even think that the greatest misfortune of Peking University and other domestic universities is that they are still not qualified to be Western vassal Vassal Best Male Enhancement Surgery , because Peking University professors are actually still writing in Chinese, how this international it The science and engineering departments of Chinese u

niversities now publish their papers in foreign journals in English as a dick enlargement criterion for evaluation. At present, extenze ingredience Chinese humanities and social sciences are still mostly using Chinese to publish papers in Chinese journals. This seems to be true for university reformers It shows the backwardness of humanities and social sciences in China. Therefore, the goal of Chinas humanities and social sciences development is to publish papers Best Male Enhancement Surgery in English periodicals in the future. What academic achievements should be published in the papers published in Chinese, not international standards Finally, of course, the academic standards of Chinese scholars must be assessed Best Male Enhancement Surgery viril x male enhancement by foreign scholars. You see, Hong Kong should not only invite black king kong male enhancement reviews foreign Best Male Enhancement Surgery experts to evaluate but also Best Male Enhancement Surgery invite foreign experts mens erection pills to Best Male Enhancement Surgery explain how to evaluate People in Hong Kong have always used English at least. Even if they can not at least apprehend people to explain how to Best Male Enhancement Surgery evaluate others, mainland China fears that people in China can not even understand how to evaluate them. Therefore, the first step of Chinas university reform can only be to mimic Hong Kongs higher education before it can qual

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