o4a’s affiliate organization, Direction Home LLCis excited to announce a new partnership with the National Council on Aging to launch The Aging Mastery Program (AMP)© statewide in Ohio.


The Aging Mastery Program (AMP)©, “a playbook for aging well,” is an educational series on healthy living.  Its goal is to help older individuals learn good skills and make meaningful behavioral changes that lead to an increased quality of life in later years.

The program includes a 10-week series of classes or a “Starter Kit” to use at home. Topics include such issues as Healthy Eating, Financial Fitness and Advance Planning.

This information can be even more important in the era of COVID-19. 

Classes may be virtual or in-person.

In Ohio, if you are interested in exploring more about bringing this program to your area, contact o4a.

“Initially, I was doubtful that the virtual Aging Mastery Program sessions could be as effective and interactive as an in-person class. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only were the videos, workbook, and expert speakers engaging, but these stimulated participants to discuss their impressions, share their experiences and learn from each other in a virtual environment.” said Bonnie Ackerman, a graduate from Columbus, Ohio. –NCOA’s Aging Mastery Program® Addresses COVID-19 Social Isolation Issues

 What are AMP’s results?

Results have been very encouraging and consistent since the classroom version of Aging Mastery launched in 2013. Results have shown that older adults in the program participants significantly increased their:

  • Social connectedness
  • Physical activity levels
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Use of advanced planning
  • Participation in evidence-based programs
  • Adoption of several other healthy behaviors

Program graduation and satisfaction data continue to provide support that the program resonates with participants as both fun and educational.

  • 80% of program participants graduate (take 7 of 10 classes)
  • 97% find the program fun
  • 98% would recommend the program to a friend